3 ways to improve your dental hygiene

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Improve your Dental Hygiene

The team at Pennine Dental are experts in dentistry and dental care and offer a range of services to help you look after your teeth. Looking after your teeth in-between visits to the dentist is important too, and there are numerous ways you can take care of your dental hygiene until your next trip to the dentist.

How to improve your dental hygiene

Pennine Dental have some general dental hygiene procedures that you can do at home to help minimise the need for fillings, dentures, and crowns. Taking care of your oral hygiene at home can make your teeth last longer, your mouth feel clean and fresh and can improve how you speak, eat and taste your food.

Brush and Floss your teeth

Brushing and flossing your teeth removes any heavy debris left over from eating your food and helps prevent plaque build-up and calcification around your teeth. Plaque can cause problems with teeth and can eventually lead to fillings. Brushing your teeth twice a day can help minimise the need for filling.

Use mouthwash

Mouthwash containing anti-bacterial ingredients improves your oral hygiene by keeping infection at bay. Mouthwash helps to reach any bacteria that your toothbrush can’t, adding an extra layer of protection to your teeth and gums against infection or plaque build-up.

Avoid products that stain your teeth.

Tea, coffee and cigarettes are the biggest contributors to teeth being stained. Limiting the amount of caffeinated products you consume can help to improve your dental hygiene. Excessive amounts of these products can cause severe staining, however regular check-ups and preventative dental care can help keep your mouth in check.

Clean your tongue

The tongue is a part of the mouth that is often overlooked in dental hygiene, but it must be cleaned to help your mouth stay fresh. Toothbrushes are available with tongue scrapers and they can help remove any bacteria from your tongue, helping to prevent infection and bad breath.

Book a consultation with Pennine Dental

Pennine Dental have years of experience providing general dentistry services and helping people to maintain a healthy mouth. You can book a consultation with Pennine Dental for a regular dental check-up or for any treatment you think you may need, our dentists can advise the right treatment for you.

For any other queries, you can get in touch with the team online, or alternatively call us direct on 01484 643 775 and we can answer any queries you may have about your dental hygiene.