Preventative Dental Care

Preventative Care For a Healthy Mouth

Preventative dental care is the modern way to a healthy mouth. Working with you, our dentists and hygienists look to prevent decay and gum disease and try to avoid the need for traditional fillings and tooth extractions. This is done by using various techniques to keep your teeth and gums clean.

Preventative Dental Care

We also recommend treatment to help maintain the good condition of your mouth and will pass on instructions on how to clean properly – especially for difficult areas where food can get stuck.

Our work in preventative dental care in Yorkshire is particularly important for  children, whereby we can pass on simple measures to teach them how to keep their teeth healthy, for life.

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Advantages and Limitations of Preventative Dental Care


  • Greatly reduced risk of dental problems

  • Save money on dental costs

  • Potentially reduced need for fillings, dental implants and root canal treatment


  • Repeat appointments

  • Short-term appointment costs

  • No treatment may be required during your visits

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