Teeth Straightening Services

We can correct misaligned teeth in children and adults, to improve the appearance of the teeth and how they work. Different solutions are available, from removable braces to fixed ones, as well as more discreet aligners that fall under our  cosmetic orthodontic  services. You need only contact our team to find out which option best suits your requirements from our teeth straightening services in Yorkshire.

Orthodontics Help and Advice

We will assess and discuss your options and the best treatment for you. Once treatment is underway, we regularly check on progress and adjust your appliance. Children in particular are likely to have lots of questions about orthodontics and we’re here to advise every step of the way.

Contact our friendly dental team to book a free consultation at our dedicated dental studio today!l studio.

Advantages and Limitations of Cosmetic Orthodontics


  • No tooth preparation required

  • Process doesn't usually involve surgical procedures

  • Treatment results in a long-lasting, natural appearance


  • Technically complex procedure

  • Potential high cost

  • Technique not always applicable, especially when several teeth are missing

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