Professional Teeth Replacement Services

The traditional way of replacing missing teeth; dentures can be fitted just to the upper or lower jaw, to the whole mouth or as a fixed partial denture just to replace a few missing teeth. We will assess & discuss your options of the various denture products we have available, so together we can find the best solution for you. Simply get in touch with our Yorkshire dental clinic to discuss your teeth replacement requirements.

Colour Matched Dentures

Dentures are colour matched to existing teeth & the benefits will of course give you a new smile & help with better chewing abilities & therefore food digestion. Overall dentures also help improve the aesthetics of your lips and face in general.

We regularly check dentures and re-align them as a result of normal wear or changes to the mouth and to ensure the gums remain healthy. Alternatively, implants by our cosmetic dentist can be another option for lost or missing teeth; we’ll work alongside you to decide on the best treatment to suit your needs.

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Advantages and Limitations of Dentures


  • Improve appearance and self-confidence

  • Free from dietary restrictions

  • Address any speaking problems


  • Potential to come loose

  • Wearers must speak and chew slowly initially to keep dentures in place

  • Can require regular maintenance

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