Cosmetic Orthodontics

Discreet Teeth Straightening

Many adults would like their teeth straightening but don’t want to wear metal braces. For discreet teeth straightening we use Invisalign and Inman Aligners. Invisalign is a transparent aligner, barely visible when worn. Inman Aligners have a thin metal bar running across the front of the teeth, but gives faster results. Both systems will result in attractive straighter teeth and our cosmetic dentist can advise on the best method for you.

Teeth Straightening Consultation

Of course, our friendly, highly trained team of cosmetic dentistry specialists will be happy to help you decide on the best course of teeth straightening treatment to suit your requirements.

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Advantages and Limitations of Cosmetic Orthodontics


  • Healthier gums and teeth

  • Increased confidence and a broader smile

  • Enhancement of facial features


  • Possibility of slight temporary lisp

  • Some tooth movements not possible

  • Aligners must be removed for cleaning

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