Denture Stabilisation

Secure and Comfortable Dentures

Over time, dentures can become loose, which can be troubling to you as a denture wearer. Loose dentures cause problems speaking and eating, which can be embarrassing, and can also cause discomfort. With denture stabilisation, you can gain your confidence back, safe in the knowledge your dentures are secure and look as natural as possible.

Denture Stabilisation with Implants

Our denture stabilisation using implant techniques can overcome these problems. We can use mini or individual implants to stabilise your dentures, whether they are full or partial. Our cosmetic dentist will work to create the more comfortable and natural looking smile you’ve always wanted.


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Advantages and Limitations of Denture Stabilisation


  • Security and comfort during eating and speaking

  • Restore confidence with a natural look

  • Choice between mini or individual implants


  • Possible initial movement issues

  • Minor maintenance procedures required

  • Requires a decision between different treatments

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